Analysis of the Degree of Synergetic of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

H.-j. Xie and Z.-k. Lin (PRC)


Pharmaceutical industry, supply chain, order parameter, degree of synergetic


Pharmaceutical supply chain synergetics means coordination and incorporation that the companies are working for in order to improve the power of competition of the whole supply chain. In order to identify the order parameter, the author needs to take the medicine’s characteristics into consideration, finally he comes to the conclusion the order parameters of pharmaceutical supply chain are the degree of the related objective, the open access information and the medicine supervision. There are two models in this paper. The first is about dynamic consideration and analysis of a single company, from a single parameter's regular changes to the whole company's synergetic. Then by analyzing the system’s stability composed of two companies in the second model, the author gets some useful conclusions. At last the author briefly analyzes the pharmaceutical industry, providing some strategic proposals about the development of the industry.

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