The Application of Structure Equation Model into Study on Strategic Control Affecting Factors for High Tech New Venture

X. Hu and Z. Zhang (PRC)


Affecting factors, high tech new venture, structure equation model, strategic control.


This essay investigates 1242 high-tech new ventures databases and collects 89 companies’ questionnaires for deep empirical research. Applying multi statistic and structure equation model, the essay analyses the affecting factors of strategic control of high-tech new venture and propose strategic control core structure .The core structure simplifies the content of high-tech new ventures from the efficiency and cost aspects. It concludes that the internal factors control can be taken to improve the strategic control. And the negative effect of outer value relative and non-value relative to the strategy can be minimized by the internal incentive mechanism and learning mechanism. The above incentive and learning strategic control mode has been confirmed to be the more efficient one. ‵

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