Pretreatment of Peat using Hydrogen Peroxide for Delignification

W. Shi, C. Xu, and B. Liao (Canada)


Peat, delignification, hydrogen peroxide


Pretreatment of peat with hydrogen peroxide under alkaline condition was studied for delignification in a batch reactor. Impact of reaction time, reaction temperature, and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide on lignin removal was systematically studied. Peat samples before and after pretreatment were characterized using Fourier transfer infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The hydrolysate solution was characterized using UV-spectrometer. The experimental results suggested the optimal reaction condition is 1.5 wt% H2O2 at pH 11.5 under 45 °C for 12 h and about 40 wt% biomass can be dissolved under optimal conditions. The results indicated that the pretreatment had significant effects on delignification; however, the lignin’s structure did not change after the pretreatment.

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