Biomass Program Results at Ontario Power Generation

R. Lyng and L. Marshall (Canada)


Clean Energy, biomass, co-firing, wood pellets


The sustainable use of carbon-neutral biomass offers significant potential for electricity generating companies employing fossil-fired assets to effectively manage carbon dioxide emissions while maintaining service delivery. Co-firing biomass with coal is particularly cost-effective as it makes use of existing assets and can be implemented within a relatively short time frame. Conversion of coal-fired units to use 100% biomass is a longer term project with greater technical, logistical and economic demands; however, conversion offers the benefits of making full use of existing generating assets and mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas regulation. Since 2006, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has been studying the greenhouse gas life-cycle benefits, and the economic, logistic and technical feasibility of employing biomass within its fossil fleet. This paper discusses the lessons learned by OPG throughout this biomass program and the results observed from field testing combustion of wood pellets and agricultural by-products at two coal-fired plants.

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