Long-Term Care Facilities in Ontario, Canada: A Waste Management Overview

J. Gales, A. Roy-Poirier, and P. Champagne (Canada)


Waste management, Solid waste characterization, Long-term care facility, Waste disposal


Long-term care (LTC) facilities are growing in number in the province of Ontario. Typically, Canadian LTC facilities house an average of over 100 residents. Environmental concerns associated to waste management in LTC facilities have not been fully explored, and relevant information is apparently limited in the available research literature. An independent study was conducted to investigate solid waste management in LTC facilities in Ontario. Both privately and municipally-owned LTC facilities were considered. The paper draws its observations from site visits, as well as interviews with facilitators and management of environmental services of LTC facilities. The study explores two main areas of waste management in LTC facilities; characterization of solid waste, and waste disposal criteria.

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