Keyi Wang, Lixun Zhang, Hao Meng, and Fuqiang Liu


Rigid-flexible, gait, rehabilitation robot, mechanisms


A mechanisms research on rigid-flexible parallel rehabilitation robot is conducted to meet the requirements of the rehabilitation gait training on lower limbs. A theory of rigid-flexible parallel robot is put forward and a systematic kinematics model is established by D-H method and influence coefficient method on the condition of meeting the workspace requirements. The mechanical equilibrium equation is analysed by Newton–Euler approach and simultaneous constraint method, which shows that both nonlinearity and coupling exist for the system dynamics. According to the gait of normal human beings, cooperative simulation is established by using MATLAB and ADAMS software. The kinematics model is verified and the corresponding relation between joint motion and wire motion is achieved. The results proves that rigid-flexible parallel rehabilitation robot can realize lower limbs’ gait rehabilitation training, which leads to further research on dynamics analysis and servo control strategy of this robot.

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