Amit Kumar and Aparajita Ojha


Path planning, known environment, corridor map method, subdivision method


One of the most significant challenges in autonomous robotics/gaming is to find an optimal collision-free path in an environment with obstacles. Numerous path planning methods exist for problems in a static or a dynamic environment, known or unknown environment. Recently, a general framework called the corridor map method has been introduced for generating a real-time, high-quality path applicable in a static and known environment. This approach works in two phases – a construction phase and a query phase. In the construction phase a system of collision-free corridors is created with respect to static obstacles in the environment. In the query phase, a path is determined between a given starting point and a goal inside the corridor. In the present paper, we propose a novel approach for finding a smooth and short path using the subdivision curves. The proposed method has three main advantages: (i) computation of the current position of a moving object does not involve an integration process; (ii) depending upon the clearance information, the subdivision process automatically increases/decreases the velocity of a moving object; and (iii) shorter paths can be generated using the same process by appropriately choosing the levels of iteration in the subdivision method.

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