Rakesh B. Patel and Satish K. Shah


Multi-agent architecture based controller, soft computing, fuzzylogic, genetic algorithms, boiler–turbine plant, graphical user inter-face


Nowadays, the realtime control systems are not limited to operate in fixed operating regime. It has different operating conditions for the physical process that is being controlled. It is a difficult task to design single algorithm controller which is suitable for all operating regimes. Recently, the new control algorithms based on multi-agent architecture are used. Multi-agent architecture employs groups of controller in competitive and cooperative configuration to achieve the desired response. This paper describes a multi-agent architecture-based controller design and implementation based on the concept of an autonomous agent and combination of soft computing. This incremental design is used in heterogeneous control algorithms and integrating techniques to solve the control problem. The proposed framework is applied on a boiler–turbine plant in order to illustrate the feasibility of this method.

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