Mitrabinda Ray and Durga P. Mohapatra


Criticality of a component, multi-cycle-based testing, object slicing, reliability, value-based testing


A relatively small number of all components within a system are responsible to enhance the quality of the system. Identifying those components is a big challenge for the tester. We propose a multi-cycle-based test effort prioritization technique with two purposes. One is to improve the reliability of a system within the available test resources and the other is to minimize post-release failures with a high severity. We conduct three test cycles and in each test cycle, we perform prioritization-based testing. We estimate the priority of a component based on its internal and external factors. As the importance of a component may vary at different points of the testing phase, the priority of a component changes between test cycles in our approach. We have measured the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach by applying it to three moderate size case studies. The experimental results establish that our proposed multi-cycle-based test effort prioritization method improves the reliability of a system and also minimizes severe failures (failures with the worst potential consequences that are determined by the degree of injury, property damage, system damage and/or time lost to repair the failure) in the operational environment.

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