Kinematic Response of the Wrist and Forearm When Subjected to a Complex Loading Regime

N.A. MacLeod, N. Fowler, and D.H. Nash (UK)


Wrist Joint, Load distribution, Cadeveric strain gauging


The development of diagnostic techniques has augmented the number of operations performed in relation to resolving wrists pain. This cadaveric study obtains effective biomechanics knowledge which can be used to address the long-term surgical and therapeutic solutions related to the array of forearm medical conditions by considering the loadsharing mechanism of cadeveric specimens subjected to a multiplanar loading of the hand. Kinetic understanding of the load bearing response of the lunate, scaphoid, ulna and radius in response to a three dimensional load is given. The lunate and scaphoid were exposed by dissection and a rosette strain gauge is bonded to each, in addition gauges are attached to the radius and ulna. A custom built rig was developed which allows a loading profile to be applied to each phalanx of cadeveric forearm specimens, and the relative force transmitted through the lunate and scaphoid and the ulna and radius to be monitored.

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