Morphological Tubular Extraction Applied to Coronary Artery Reconstruction in CT-Images

M.A. Luengo-Oroz, M.J. Ledesma-Carbayo, J.J. Gómez-Diego, M.A. García-Fernandez, M. Desco, and A. Santos (Spain)


coronary tree, multi-slice computer tomography, segmen tation, mathematical morphology.


This paper presents an algorithm devoted to the reconstruc tion of the coronary tree from Cardiac Multislice CT data sets. Quantitative measurement of this segmentation may help the diagnosis and treatment of ischemic heart disease. The algorithm is based on morphological grayscale recon struction through 2D slice images and overall 3D segmen tation of the coronary artery tree. The method has been validated in 9 CT-datasets with satisfactory results.

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