A New System for Freehand Ultrasound Tracking Application in Multimodality Image Matching

N. Betrouni, G. Palos, M. Vermandel, S. Maouche, and J. Rousseau (France)


Ultrasound imaging, stereovision, calibration,Measurement and instrumentation.


This paper describes a localization system composed of a stereovision system with two cameras and an ultrasound system. After calibration of 2 cameras, a mask of infra-red LEDs is mounted on the probe. A method for spatial and temporal calibration is presented and used to calibrate the ultrasound system. Position and orientation of each ultrasonic cross-section are precisely measured and a 3D localization is available from the US images with an accuracy of 0.4 mm. We present two clinical applications of the system which gave good results in each case.

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