Separate Driving System for Large Area X-Ray Detector in Radiology

J.K. Park, D.G. Lee, J.Y. Choi, D.W. Suk, G.W. Chang, C.W. Moon, and S.H. Nam (Korea)


Digital, Imaging, Detector, Radiography, TFT, SeparateDriving.


Flat-panel detectors for digital diagnostic imaging convert incident x-ray images to charge images. Flat panel detectors are becoming more interesting in real time medical x-ray imaging. Active area of flat panel detector is 1417 inch. Detector is based on a 25603072 array of photoconductor and TFT pixels. X-ray conversion layer is deposited upper TFT array flat panel with 500m by thermal deposition technology. Thickness uniformity of this layer is made of thickness control technology(5%) of thermal deposition system. Each 139m139m pixel is made of thin film transistor technology, a storage capacitor and charge collection electrode having geometrical fill factor of 86%. Using the separate driving system of two dimensional mosaic modules for large area, that is able to take 4.2 seconds per frame to acquire an image. Imaging performance is suited for digital radiography imaging substituting by conventional radiography film system.

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