Assessment of Muscle Fatigue during Driving using Surface EMG

C.D. Katsis, N.E. Ntouvas, C.G. Bafas, and D.I. Fotiadis (Greece)


sEMG; Muscle fatigue; Signal amplitude; Ergonomics;Median Frequency


In this paper we evaluate several metrics of surface electromyograms such as mean frequency (MNF), median frequency (MDF), and the signal RMS amplitude, which can be used as valid indicators of muscular fatigue, during actual driving conditions. Surface EMGs are obtained continuously from ten healthy volunteers driving a truck, a tractor and a truck with trailer and the above metrics are computed. Statistical analysis is performed and it is understood that MDF decreases from 9.5%-18.9% and MNF from 11.3%-18.4% from their initial values, and RMS increases from 25.1%-47.7% from its initial value for a predefined driving route. Our analysis suggests that those metrics are reliable fatigue indicators which can be used for the monitoring of muscle fatigue during actual driving conditions. t and F statistical tests are carried out in order to compare driver's comfort for two different vehicle seats.

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