Statistical Measures based on Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis (LASCA) for Quantification of Vascular Flow and Perfusion Changes during Cortical Stimulation

E.Y.Y. Seng and J.S. Paul (Singapore)


LASCA, statistical measure, perfusion and vascular flow


Cortical perfusion and vascular blood flow changes induced by mechanical stimulation were imaged in vivo using Laser Speckle Contrast (LASCA) in adult Sprague Dawley rats. Vascular flow and perfusion changes were estimated using two small subgroup (50x50) of pixels that lay in the vascular and perfusion regions of the contrast map. The distribution of contrast values within each of these sub windows was used to estimate the Kurtosis. It was clearly seen that the kurtosis variation with time reflected the changes in vascular flow and perfusion during the time course of a hyperemic surge following the cortical stimulation.

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