Integrating Wireless Technologies and Data Warehousing for Distributed Imaging based Support in an Orthodontic Practice

R. Mosca, R. Revetria, E. Briano, and F. Savastano (Italy)


Medical Imaging, Wi-Fi, Web Services, XML, Simulation, orthodontic software


Notoriously Orthodontic practices are busier than dental offices in general. This is due to the fact that patient control is a frequent procedure without necessarily performing a practical task. This is one and the most important reasons for which an orthodontist goes through a fast check on more than 40 patients a day. Updating data needs to be speedy as well as the orthodontic software in general. This paper outlines a new methodology that has been designed to meet these standards, involving use of the newest technologies available like Wi-Fi and remote database access. A real life application is presented and the main advantages are discussed.

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