Visiome: A Toolkit for Visualisation of Dynamic Biomedical Models

G. Tsafnat, S.L. Cloherty, and T.D. Lambert (Australia)


Visiome, visualisation, model results, biomedicine


Standards for the storage, description and visualisation of the large datasets produced by numerical computational models in biomedicine are essential to ensure the success of international efforts such as the Physiome Project [12]. In this paper we present Visiome, a toolkit for the description and visualisation of these datasets. Visiome enables inves tigators to use intuitive mathematical expressions to define the shading, colour, texture and animation of an interac tive 3D rendering. Visiome has been developed in con junction with our own computational models of activation in the mammalian sinoatrial node and we show a number of visualisations of those models.

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