A Model for the Opening of the Human Female Urethra

M.B. Bush, J. Panzer, and P.E. Petros (Australia)


Finite Element, Micturition, Urethra., Modelling


A three dimensional finite element model of the female urethral tube is presented. The model takes into account the composite structure of the tube, the internal fluid pressure, external constraints and external active opening forces. It is shown that accurate simulation of the dimensions and shape of the open tube is only possible when all of the above factors are taken into account. In addition, appropriate response to internal pressure is only seen when the stiffness of the tube components is taken to be two orders of magnitude less than published values, suggesting that the stiffness of living muscle tissue in the relaxed state is substantially less than that measured post mortem. The model can be used to study the effects of tissue properties and various forms of dysfunction on the micturition process.

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