Bio-spectral Analysis of Standing and Walking Balances

M. Tsuruoka, Y. Tsuruoka, R. Shibasaki, Y. Yasuoka, and S. Murai (Japan)


AR modeling, COG, power spectrum, standing, walking


A problematic standing balance influences the stability of the COG (Center of Body Gravity) fluctuation, i.e., the feedback control movement in the maintenance of walking sequence. For acquiring time series data of movement of COG and both hip sides, developed measuring instruments, which are portable, wearable PC assisted (WPC), employ one gyro sensor and two accelerometers. However, the characteristics of movement are difficult to analyze directly, because of the complex fluctuations of the raw serial measurement data. Utilizing AR (Auto Regressive) modeling, the power spectrum and impulse response of movement factors enable analysis of their dynamical relations.

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