Abubaker Wahaballa, Osman Wahballa, Fagen Li, Mohammed Ramadan and Zhiguang Qin


Steganography, cryptography, least significant bit


This paper presents multiple-layered securities by combining steganography with cryptography under the scope of information hiding, and both image and audio steganography are used to obtain a more robust security system. Firstly, the different approaches of steganography and cryptography are discussed, and comparisons drawn between them. Secondly, the design of the dual-layered security system is presented. The algorithms for this work are based on the Least Significant Bit steganography and AES cryptography. The code has been implemented in C# and visual studio 2010 due to its object encryption/decryption abilities. Under the provisions of the system, if an attacker detects that steganography is being used, the embedded message cannot be read due to file encryption. Finally, Matlab analysis of the original and stego media quality effects are presented, proving the robustness of this type of security implementation.

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