A Content-based Interactive Classroom

Benjamin Wenzel and Marco Block


Virtual classroom, adaptive, content-based


The main focus of our work lies on the development of an open-source lecture recording system, which allows a content-based reproduction in the aftermath. This means, our apporach is trying to go a new way concerning lecture recording by not recording the happenings during a lecture exactly as they are, but rather capturing the content, the pure information that was provided by the lecturer to his audience. Besides, interactivity with the system has a high priority in our approach. The student shall have influence on the lecture flow and shall be able to switch through the lecture due to an indexing, that is given by design of the lecture script in which we store the lecture content. The generation of such a lecture preserving script is meant to happen automatically, using a recorder application, which utilizes computer vision and speech recognition. However, a manual creation from scratch is possible as well and support is provided by a dedicated editor tool, whose design is discussed within this work as well. The core application is a player, which is able to replay lecture scripts, while providing additional interactivity features. Consequently, lecturers can prepare their lectures online for later presentations, using the proposed tool.

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