A New 3D Free-Form Modeling Algorithm from Multiply-Connected Polygons

Guangmin Sun, Yangye Wang, Dequn Zhao, Kun Ren, Shengyu Liao, and Jia Liu


3D Free-Form Modeling, Delaunay triangulation, multiply-connected polygon


Skeleton-based approaches are a prevalent method for creating a 3D model from a contour sketch. But to date, most 3D models are created from simply-connected polygon (simple closed contours), so these 3D models are normally blobby shapes. In this paper, we present a novel 3D free-form modeling method from multiply-connected polygon (polygon with holes). First, we use polygon approximation to reduce the complexity of a contour sketch to a polygon. Next, the approximated skeleton of multiply-connected polygon was extracted based on a Delaunay triangulation algorithm for arbitrary polygons. Then, we generate some contour points on the right side and left side of the skeleton node and elevate each contour point according to their distance from the contour. Finally, we create a 3D modeling with holes. At the end of this paper, we demonstrate our results by using OpenGL API to visualize the 3D surface from triangular mesh.

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