Cosimulation of Hot Judder Characteristic of a Ventilated Disc Brake System using Finite Element Analysis Technique

Sung Pil Jung, Tae Won Park, and Hyun Seok Song


Hot judder characteristics, Thermo-mechanical analysis, Brake dynamo test, Hot spot


Hot judder characteristics of a ventilated disc brake system are discussed. Three dimensional finite element models of the ventilated disc, pads and pistons are created, and a fully coupled thermo-mechanical analysis of the hot judder phenomenon of the disc brake system is performed using SAMCEF. The brake dynamo test is carried out according to the high speed judder test mode. The evolution of the temperature distribution on the disc surface is described, and the hot spot generation process is investigated. The simulation results such as the maximum disc temperature, BTV are compared to the data from the dynamo test, and the reliabilities of the analysis technique and simulation model presented in this paper are verified.

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