Human-Machine Interface for the Control of a Climbing Robot

António L.C. Oliveira, Manuel F. Silva, and Ramiro S. Barbosa


Robotics, Human-Machine Interface, Programmable Logic Controllers, Magnetic Adhesion


This paper presents the Human-Machine Interface developed for the manual and automatic control of a wheeled climbing robot, with adhesion through permanent magnets. This machine has been developed with the intention of being used in the inspection of ferromagnetic structures, in order to, for instance, detect weaknesses due to corrosion. Although it can be manually controlled, the vehicle is designed to have a semi-autonomous behavior, allowing a remote inspection process controlled by a technician, this way reducing the risks associated with the human inspection of tall structures and ATEX places. The distinguishing characteristic of this robot is its dynamic adjustment system of the permanent magnets in order to assure the machine adhesion to the surfaces, even while crossing irregular and curved surfaces.

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