Fuzzy Logic and Robust Predictive Control Applied to a Distillation Column

Paulo A. Martin and Fuad Kassab Jr.


Model Based Predictive Control , Robust Predictive Control, Fuzzy Logic, Distillation Column


This paper describes the modelling and control of a distillation column. The distillation process is performed by the equipment called distillation column and is the most used process in the chemical industry. Linearized models were obtained by experimental tests in different operating points of the distillation column. Fuzzy logic integrated with model based predictive control is used to increase the control system intelligence. Through the linearized models, the control system is designed,simulated and implemented in the distillation column. Simulated and experimental results of two controllers types are presented. The first one is a robust model based predictive control and the other is a model based predictive controller integrated with fuzzy logic.

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