Wrist Model based on Musculoskeletal System and its Application to Wrist Angle Estimation

Eita Sawaguchi, Teruyoshi Sadahiro, and Masami Iwase


EMG, Musculoskeletal System, Motion Estimation, Multi-body Model


The purpose of this study is to develop an estimation method of the wrist angle from the corresponding myoelectric potential(MP). The estimation method would be useful for human-machine interfaces as myoelectric prostheses. In this paper, the model- based estimation method from the MP is considered. Hence two wrist models are introduced and investigated. Those models come from simple observation based on the physical aspect, i.e., musculoskeletal systems. One of them is a one-link model considering the moment arm. The other is illustrated by a multi-body model with a half-moon-shaped rigid body rolling inside a bowl body, and we call it a half-moon-shape model in this paper. The wrist angle estimation is performed by simulating the behavior of the wrist using each derived model with measured MP signals. The effectiveness of those models for the wrist angle estimation is verified through experiments by comparing the results.

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