A New Approach for Query Decomposition and Optimization in Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks

Ali Asghar Pourhaji Kazem, Reza Ferdousi Beyrami, and Ali Ghaffari


Wireless sensor network, query processing, multi-sink, query decomposition


Recent years have seen the emergence of wireless sensor network systems that must support the real time query with the high data rate and various ranges. In wireless sensor networks, observers are interested in spatio-temporal information monitored by sensors. It is crucial to design and employ energy-efficient query processing since nodes are battery-powered and thus their lifetimes are limited. A query can be named according to a physical attributes and range of query. However, the direct distributions of queries into the network will cause a large traffic overhead and high energy consumption. This paper proposes a new query decomposition approach for optimizing query processing in multi-sink sensor networks. Message is sent to a single selected node and the selected node processes the query and sends response back. The nodes between query region and sinks by sharing same query data, decide to decompose query and send whole or some part of query region nodes results back to the sinks. Experimental results show that the proposed approach highly reduces the query overhead in the network and save the energy consumption of sensing nodes.

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