Testability Metrics for Extended Finite State Machines

Binh T. Nguyen, Michel Delaunay, and Chantal Robach


Testability, Software Metrics, Extended Finite State Machines, Reactive Systems


Testing is one of important activities in software engineering.However, testing is always time consuming and costly,particularly for complex systems, like reactive systems.Testability analysis allows the difficulties for testing the system to be measured. This information may help designers to improve their designs for facilitating testing activities and testers pay attention to parts which are difficult for testing. In this paper, we propose the testability metrics for extended finite state machine (EFSM), which are widely used for modeling reactive systems. Extended data portion in EFSMs is analyzed for evaluating the executability of elements in EFSMs. Such testability metrics allows the prediction of difficulties during generation of test sequences based upon EFSMs.

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