Organizational Chart for Engineering of Requirements

José F. Zelasco and Judith Donayo


Engineering of requirements, Levels of conception, Petri diagrams, Model of treatment


Among the problems that the engineering of requirements raises, it has particular importance allow the user to evaluate comparatively an alternative of solutions. For this, it is necessary to be able to show the user the different options of solution so they can compare, suggest eventual modifications and improvements, and finally in a consensual manner, opt for the one that results more proper. To describe this solutions are proposed treatment diagrams, in three levels, that are based in Petri diagrams. This proposition allows the user to visualize the solution that comes up from his request, be able to make a critic of his own solution and, with the improvements he gives, compare them with the solutions proposed by the specialist. Finally, the diagram-solution adopted that will give rise to the specifications, provides the formal basis to the posterior analysis of the system and simultaneously allows the elaboration of the corresponding manuals of use.

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