Implementation and Evaluation of a Flexible Software Measurement System for Japan-Oriented Offshore Development

Xuan Zhang, Lei Zhang, Meiping Chai, Yoji Taniguchi, and Jun Hosoya


Software Measurement, Software Metrics, Offshore, HOPE, Data integration, Project Management


In offshore software development, software measurement is an important way to faciliate project management, find project problems and improve development process. But manual measurement results in low efficiency and bad quality of project management, especially in Japan-oriented offshore development. In European or American-oriented offshore projects, web based systems and Client/Server systems like Bugzilla, ClearQuest, and Wiki are frequently used. Unlike western projects, Japan companies usually use various Excel tables to manage the project information like progress and defects. To measure the offshore projects with such versatile environment, the flexibility and adaptability of the measurement tool are urgent. This paper introduces the experience of applying software measurement with a tool named HOPE. This tool has a flexible plug-in framework, periodically collects project data from various data sources, implements customizable data integration, and generates project reports for project managers. The process of applying software measurement with this tool in two offshore companies is described, as well as some analysis with the trial effect. The evaluation shows that software measurement has effect on 4 aspects although there are some open issues. The users were satisfied with the trial results.

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