Constructing Models to Enable Automated Testing of Distributed Functions in Component-based Systems

Thomas Bauer and Robert Eschbach


model-based testing, component-based systems, distributed functions


Today’s software-intensive systems are characterized by the use of third party components and distributed functions which are realized by component interactions. In this article an automated model-based approach for testing distributed functions of component-based systems is presented. The approach allows the validation of distributed system functions against the system requirements. The main advantages of our approach are the systematic construction of dedicated test models from system requirements, the high degree of automation, and the high flexibility by using heterogeneous models. The heterogeneous test models used in our approach efficiently describe the high level system view of distributed functions with their execution conditions and the low level event-driven view of stimuli and responses. The completeness and consistency of the different models are assured by applying existing static analysis techniques for the chosen modeling notations. Test cases are automatically generated from the models as sequences of distributed functions with the corresponding stimuli and the expected system outputs.

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