A Software Development Environment Maintaining Fine-Grained Code Metadata by using Editing Operations

Takayuki Omori and Katsuhisa Maruyama


Integrated development environment, Source code metadata, Fine-grained code changes, Documentation


Metadata on source code being developed can represent any kind of additional information that does not directly appear in the code. They make software development more effective since such information is useful for understanding and managing of the code. Software evolves over time in its life cycle and its source code is frequently changed.Although recent IDEs support attachment of new metadata to the code, they do not still support maintenance of existing metadata attached to the changed code. For example,once a developer removes some code, its metadata could be carelessly lost. To avoid such problem, this paper proposes a novel development environment that steadily maintains metadata for fine-grained code fragments. This environment employs a metadata maintaining policy, consisting of conditions to be checked for fine-grained code changes and actions handling metadata attached to the changed code.

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