A Software Traceability Model to Support Software Testing Documentation

Azri Azmi and Suhaimi Ibrahim


Software Testing, Software Traceability, Software Documentation, Software Maintenance


Software Documentation is one of the key quality factors in software development. However, many developers are still putting less effort and less priority on documentation. To them writing documentation during project development is very tedious and time consuming. As a result, the documentation tends to be significantly outdated, poor quality and difficult to access that will certainly lead to poor software maintenance. Current studies have proved that the key point to this problem is software traceability. Traceability relates to an ability to trace all related software components within a software system that includes requirements, test cases, test results and other artifacts. This research reveals some issues related to current software traceability and attempts to suggest a new software traceability model that focuses on software test documentation for test management. This effort leads to a new software test documentation generation process model based on software engineering standards.

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