Model Driven Development - Attention to People and Processes

Susanna Teppola and Päivi Parviainen


Model Driven Development, Processes, Technology adoption


Model Driven Development (MDD) can potentially offer great benefits to software development companies, for example, in the sense of improved productivity. However,MDD still suffers from challenges that complicate its wider use in companies. This paper presents a study in which several challenges to MDD use were identified,based on a number of interviews with MDD experts. In this paper, we discuss these challenges from a viewpoint that a successful technology change requires three key elements to be taken into consideration: people, processes and technology. As a result, we bring out the following findings: The technological challenges in MDD are discussed in a great number of published papers. MDD processes have also received attention, but the presented MDD processes are often quite similar to the on-MDD processes. Our study indicates that in order to reach wider usage in industrial projects, in addition to new technological solutions, processes also need to be adjusted to the specialities of MDD. And especially, a human aspect, which has not gained much attention in MDD research, should be studied more in the future.

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