The IACFG-Tool to Generate the Interprocedural Aspect Control Flow Graph

Mario L. Bernardi, Giuseppe A. Di Lucca, and Raffaele Mezzullo


Aspect Oriented Programming, Program Comprehension, Software Maintenance


Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) supports the encapsulation of crosscutting code into software units called aspects. The large impact that aspects may have on the static structure and dynamic behavior can increase the comprehension effort with respect to traditional Object-Oriented(OO) systems. This paper presents a tool supporting the automatic generation of the Inter-procedural Aspect Con-trol Flow Graph (IACFG). This graph represents the interactions among the aspects and the OO components of an AO system. It helps a software engineer to identify and comprehend which portions of code are affected, directly or indirectly, by aspects.

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