Utility-based Roles-Fulfillers Selection

Boulehouache Soufiane, Maamri Remdane, and Sahnoun Zaidi


Role-Based Application, Roles-Fulfillers Selection, Role-Utility, Genetic Algorithms


With Role-based application that is a form of Component-based application, the application building/adapting is achieved by Roles fulfilling/Roles-Fulfillers replacement respectively. For an effective Roles-Fulfillers qualities distribution in application adapting, we correlate the quality of each Role-Fulfiller with its Role-Utility. Using this relation, the selection engine associated to the Adaptive Role-based application will promote the useful Roles besides the useless one; through the matching between the quality of each Role-Fulfiller and the Role-Utility. Within this pa-per, we present a Roles-Fulfillers selection engine that last bases on the Role-Utility in achieving the user goals as a landmark in selecting the appropriate Roles-Fulfillers set.The selection Engine is implemented using Genetic Algorithms.

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