Play Estimation using Sequences of Multiple 1D Degenerated Descriptions of MPEG Motion Compensation Vectors

Kyota Aoki


Context-based Retrieval, Image Sequence Processing, Sport video, MPEG


We have large needs for estimating plays in sport videos. Plays in sports are described as the motions of players. This paper proposes the play retrieving method based on the motion compensation vector in MPEG sports videos. In MPEG videos, there are motion compensation vectors. Using the motion compensation vectors, we don’t need to estimate the motion vectors between adjacent frames. This leads to decrease the huge computations about motion estimations. This work uses the 1D degenerated descriptions of each motion image between 2 adjacent frames. Connecting the 1D degenerated descriptions on time direction, we have the space-time image. This space-time image describes a sequence of frames as a 2-dimensional image. Using this space-time image, this work shows the method to retrieve a small number of plays in a huge number of frames. Our experiment records 0.70 as recall, 0.76 as precision and 0.72 as F-measure in 139 plays in 132503 frames.

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