Fundamental Study for Control of Environment Light using Biological Signal

Tatsuya Mori, Yoshikazu Maekawa, Yoko Akiyama, Fumihito Mishima, Kouichi Sutani, Sunao Iwaki, and Shigehiro Nishijima


LF/HF, Alpha wave, P300, Environmental light


The objective of this study is to presume the human psychological condition with the biological signal in order to feedback the result to the person and to control the living environment automatically depending on the result. In this paper, the influence of living environment on the human body was examined as a fundamental study. The elements of living environment which compose the living environment includes sound, temperature, humidity and light, etc. Among them, the influence of environment light on biological response was evaluated. Biological reactions stimulated by red, green and blue light were analyzed using an ECG (electrocardiogram), EEG (electroencephalogram) and MEG (magnetoencephalogram). As a result, a significant difference was observed between green and red light in LF/HF obtained from ECG, in percentage of alpha wave rate obtained from EEG and in latent time of P300 and amplitude of P300 obtained from MEG. In addition, the possibility was suggested that green light induces a rest state whereas red light induces a concentrated state. Based on the results, automated control system of environment light by biological signal was constructed.

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