Data Mining Technique on Cardioid Graph based ECG Biometric Authentication

Khairul Sidek, Fahim Sufi, and Ibrahim Khalil


Biomedical signal processing, patient monitoring, cardioid, ECG biometrics


In this paper, a data mining technique is used on Cardioid based person identification mechanism using electrocardiogram (ECG). Recent studies in Cardioid based ECG biometric excites a new dimension of efficient patient authentication, which places new hope in faster patient care. However, existing research suffers from lower accuracy due to random biometric template selection from fixed points in Cartesian coordinate. In this paper, we have extracted the ECG features using set of Euclidean distances with the help of data mining techniques. Euclidean distances, being independent of fixed points (as opposed to existing research) maintains higher accuracy in biometric identification when Bayes Network was implemented for classification purposes. A total of 26 ECG recordings from MIT/BIH Normal Sinus Rhythm database (NSRDB) and MIT/BIH Arrythmia database (MITDB) are used for development and evaluation. Our experimentation on these two sets of public ECG databases shows the proposed data mining based approach on Euclidean distances obtained from Cardioid graph results to 98.60% and 98.30% classification accuracy respectively.

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