Game Theoretic Approach to Mathematical Modeling of Radiation Induced Bystander Effect

Andrzej Swierniak and Michal Krzeslak


Biomedical Modeling, Bystander Effect, Evolutionary Games, Cancer Growth


We present a model of radiation induced bystander effect based on the theory of evolutionary games. The model follows the line of reasoning used to describe the so called angiogenic games. We consider three strategies (phenotypes) of cells being exposed to ionizing radiation or more precisely to signals sent by the exposed cells to the unexposed ones. The proposed payoff table of fitness includes costs/profits of bystander effect, choice of apoptotic pathway, producing of growth factors, producing resistance against bystander effect. We discuss the type of equilibrium points (polymorphism of phenotypes) and dynamics leading to equilibrium (replicator dynamics). We present also examples of simulation experiments for various parameters.

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