Experimental Investigation of the Intestine's Friction Characteristic based on "Internal Force-Static Friction" Capsubot

Cheng Zhang, Gang Su, Renjia Tan, and Hongyi Li


Biomechanics, Robotics, "Internal force-static friction" capsubot, Friction characteristic


Recently, the incidence of diseases in gastro-intestinal (GI) tract has increased annually. Capsule endoscopy plays an important role in the diagnosis of diseases in GI tract. However, the passive capsule endoscopy using in clinic has many shortcomings, so the active capsule endoscopy (capsubot) needs to be used in clinic urgently. The “internal force-static friction” capsubot moves in way of impact. We need to understand the bio-material property of the intestine in order to make the capsubot move efficiently. Especially, the friction characteristic exerts a greater influence. In the paper, we design and fabricate a physical simulation measurement system and analyze that how the diameter, mass, speed affect the friction between the moving capsubot and the intestine by means of experimental data analysis. As a result, we can offer the useful information optimize the design and the control algorithm of the capsubot.

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