The Modeling of the Insulin Exocytosis after a Glycemic Stimulus

Cristian Ravariu, Oana Dumitrache, and Constantin Ionescu


Nonlinear systems, Cellular organigram, Invasive methods , Macro-bio-modeling


The modern medicine frequently appeals to the latest news in engineering, informatics or mathematics. One of the challenges is related to the modeling of some phenomena inside the human body that can be valuable instruments for diagnosis and patients monitoring. The contribution of this paper offers a digital model for the cellular exocytosis and a global model for the in vivo monitoring of insulin concentration after a glycemic stimulus. The glucose concentration from the human body is regulated by the beta cells activity, via the insulin hormone released into the bloodstream. The insulin exocytosis in 7 steps is modeled as a digital system, expressed as an organigram. The entire physiological behavior is modeled at macro-level, in order to offer a useful tool for diagnosis of diabetes. A simple method for the model parameters extraction, besides to their diagnostic meaning, is provided.

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