Comparison of Two Static Calibration Methods of an Inertial Measurement Unit

Kian S. Tee, Mohammed Awad, Abbas Dehghani, David Moser, and Saeed Zahedi


Inertial Measurement Unit, Tri-axial accelerometer, Static calibration, Rotary table


Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) type inertial measurement unit (IMU) is increasingly used in gait measurement applications. Practically, there is an urgent need for fast deployment of the device in field. Static calibration is needed to acquire zero-bias (ZB) and sensitivity (S) of all axis in an IMU. These parameters are essential in mathematically transforming electrical signals to kinematic outputs. Conventional static calibration method using a rotary table is time-consuming and costly. A faster static calibration method is studied and compared. This paper investigates two static calibration methods in terms of accuracy and required time.

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