Exoskeleton Robot using Hydraulic Bilateral Servo Actuator System for Non-Ambulatory Person's Transfer

Julien Monnet, Yukio Saito, and Kengo Onishi


Intelligent Instrumentation, Robotics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Power Assist Device


This paper reports on an exoskeleton robot that offers a unique design and high capabilities to transfer non-ambulatory people among bed, futon, chair or toilet, reducing the burden of caregivers. This “master-slave system” power assists the caregivers when transferring the non-ambulatory person's body weight. This device moves with an exclusive Hydraulic Bilateral Servo Actuator (HBSA) system and it is controlled by a pressure control system using Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA) method for sending pulse to the motors. This combination provides smooth and stable movements during transportation. The contributions of this paper are threefold: (1) Explanation of a unique design of an intelligent transfer device (2) Description of the HBSA system with tests and results (3) Development of a pressure control system using DDA method. We expect to create a useful health care device which will improve the work and the health of caregivers and will reduce the accidents of fall and injury during transportation.

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