Electromagnetic Tracking System for Neurovascular Interventions

Tomasz Bien, Georg Rose, and Martin Skalej


Electronic medical devices, Computer-aided surgery, Neuro-intervention, Electromagnetic tracking


Electromagnetic tracking systems (EMTS) are widely used in a computer-assisted surgery, motion capture, kinematic studies and military applications. The main application in the medical domain represents minimal invasive surgery. For this purpose, the EMTS systems are integrated into the surgery device, i.e. needle, endoscope or catheter supporting tracking of this device within the human body without X-ray radiation. However, in neurovascular interventions this technique hardly could be applied so far. This is mainly due to a too large size of the receiver coils which have to be integrated into the microcatheter. In this paper we present such a microcatheter for neurovascular interventions featured with a 5 DOF sensor enabling tracking of the catheter tip by a commercial EMTS system and first evaluation of its accuracy.

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