Microwave Tomography for Assessment of Extremity Soft Tissue Blood Perfusion: Initial Multi-Frame Imaging Results

Serguei Semenov, James Kellam, Thomas Williams, and Michael Quinn


medical imaging, functional imaging, microwave tomography, blood perfusion


Microwave Tomography (MWT) is a novel imaging modality. It has potentials for functional biomedical imaging. An assessment of extremity soft tissue blood perfusion is one of such applications. We used our 2D MWT system in its fast, multi-frame mode for imaging of animal extremities. In this mode the system was capable to acquire 133 frames of tomographic data within 13sec. This allows for an imaging at certain portion of pulse wave and assessment of tissue blood perfusion. Absolute, differential and fused images of animal (swine) extremity were obtained demonstrating biomedical viability of the technology.

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