Image Processing-based Lung Region Detection and Diagnosis Support System

Suk-Tae Seo, Hee-Joon Park, Min Soo Kim, Chang-Sik Son, Hyoung-Seob Park, Chi-Young Jung, Jeonghun Ku, and Yoon-Nyun Kim


Image Processing, Image Measurement, Lung and Heart, Chest X-ray Diagnosis Support


Chest X-ray images provide the most common and widely-used clinical data. Despite, the many studies directed at the segmentation and analysis of chest X-ray images, interpretation remains challenging because of image complexity and variety. Presently, we propose a diagnosis support system for chest X-ray images based on image processing and analysis methods to evaluate the normality of X-ray images. To segment lung regions from the chest X-ray images, thresholding and morphological methods were applied. Measurement and texture analysis techniques were performed on the segmented regions. The effectiveness of the proposed method is shown through experiments and comparison with diagnosis results by clinical experts.

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