The Electrodes Geometry Design and Global Simulations for an ENFET Gluco-Detector

Cristian Ravariu, Florin Babarada, Elena Manea, and Alina Popescu


FET, simulation, design , biosensors


The ENFET biodevice integrates on the same chip a field effect transistor as transducer and an enzymatic receptor within a biosensor. This paper presents the global simulations of a MOSFET transistor working as a glucose detector, besides to the computer aided design for the electrodes geometry definition. The values of the simulated parameters prescribe the fabrication process, doping and sizes. A particular experiment for the reference electrode TiAg/AgCl manufacturing is presenting as an original item. Using dedicated software tools, the layers that constitute the fabrication masks for the final ENFET are established, as another novelty of this paper.

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