Low-Power, Small Size, Wireless, Reflectance Photoplethysmography Sensor for University Laboratories

Kiing-Ing Wong


PPG, WSN, TinyOS, microcontroller


In this investigation we have prototype a low-power, small size, wireless, reflectance photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor for collecting physiological data of patients. The PPG sensor is consisted of two circuit boards: a commercial available wireless sensor network (WSN) platform and a PPG amplifier circuit board. The WSN platform is used for testing the capability of several microchips, such as a microcontroller, an external flash memory and a radio chip, on a single printed circuit board. The WSN platform is stacked on the top of the PPG amplifier circuit board, in order to achieve a minimum size for patient to wear comfortably. The PPG sensor currently detects the physiological signals from finger tip and transmits the signal to a personal computer for display in real-time. The PPG sensor is suitable for universities laboratories to evaluate wide range of topics, including analog signal conditioning, embedded system and software, wireless communications, biomedicine engineering.

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