Wii Your Health: A Low-Cost Wireless System for Home Rehabilitation after Stroke using Wii Remotes with its Expansions and Blender

Emmanuel Tsekleves, Dionysios Skordoulis, Ioannis Paraskevopoulos, and Cherry Kilbride


Rehabilitation, Engineering, Virtual Reality, Nintendo Wii


Full body motion capture via the Wiimote and the new Wii MotionPlus sensor has yet to be investigated or developed. In addition, the mapping of the Wiimote-captured motion data to a computer generated 3D model inside an open source professional 3D animation tool has yet to be attempted. Within this paper the authors initiate a new study into full markerless human body motion tracking for physical rehabilitation. In particular, it includes the investigation and development of the first phase of a system that is able to capture full human body motion data by a set-up of several Wiimotes placed on different human body segments. This will allow the development of an affordable store and forward treatment option that would enable and motivate physical rehabilitation patients and in particular stroke patients, to conduct physical therapy from home. Finally, by extending a professional 3D animation software tool (Blender), motion data captured through the new system can be mapped onto a virtual 3-D human model in real time, thereby making it possible to have a strong correlation between the physical human and a virtual character to enhance the clinical utility of this innovative technology.

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